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How to Install the Hardware Device

Kiosks are an effective tool for raising more money through donations. With the help of Kiosk, you’ll be able to bring in new donors and educate them on the various ways they can contribute to your cause in a setting that is dependable and risk-free. It is simple to operate, and even simpler to install and configure the hardware.

Below are instructions for installing a device in a wall:
Complete Setup
Safe Distance
Height Perspective
Tools Needed
Lock and Key Enclosure
Lock Stand
Loosen up separate Arm from Base
Base and Arm Separated 
Base Installation
Attach Arm
Unlock and Extend Arms
Lock Tablet Securely 
Tablet Lock Diagonally 
Install Credit Card Swiper Base
Interlocking Velcro
Peel Velcro Sticker 
Attached Velcro to Bottom of Swiper
Attached Velcro to Card Swiper 
Lock Card Swiper onto base
Swiper Sitting Securely on Base 

Contact us for more details. We, Masjid Solutions help mosques reach out to more folks for their fundraising by establishing an online presence and executing targeted digital marketing. Contact us for more details. Call or text us on 317 854 0207 or mail us at

How to use KIOSK for Donation in Masjid

KIOSK is a feature of computer terminals including hardware and software design. KIOSK is more user friendly, secure to donate, self-service and simplified. Use a KIOSK in your Masjid and increase your fund.


The user module of KIOSK is given below:

1st Step:

AL-Azhar foundation

The first look of KIOSK is more lucrative and shows the prayer time according to the Mosque. Show a DONATE button for the donor. People who want to donate he/she click the DONATE for the next step of donating.

2nd Step:

In the 2nd step here the donor can see some support buttons where the donor can select only one. After the selection donor type manually his/her email address for the donation receipt and then click Next button for the next page.


3rd Step:

Donors, here you have donation recurring options ONE TIME or MONTHLY. You can select any one. Another is the donation amount button and also manual typing. Here you can donate any amount as you choose and if you want to pay the processing fees then click Cover processing fees and then click Next button to proceed.

al-azhar foundation

4th Step:

credit card swipe

Donors can find here a 

SWIPE CARD option where he/she can swipe cards and just donate automatically. 

If the donor clicks Close button, the swipe card pop-up screen vanishes and type cards manually and if clicks the Edit button then go to the previous page.

5th Step:

Here donors can see a pop-up screen before confirmation to donate. Here are Yes or Cancel options. Yes button is for confirming to donate and Cancel is for canceling the donation.

al-azhar payment

Thank you for using KIOSK and being with Masjid Solutions

Donation Kiosk (FAQ)

  • Do I need internet connection at the mosque for the Donation Kiosk to work?
    • YES. Kiosk requires Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Do I need to be a technology expert to install and run the Donation Kiosk?
    • No, you don’t have to be an expert. Every mosque we work with seems to have a handyman who can install the kiosk in less than an hour. Turning on the tablet and setting up the kiosk screen takes general knowledge/skill from anybody who has used a tablet before.
  • Do you provide on-site installation and support?
    • No. This is to simply help us keep your cost low. Installing the kiosk and setting up the screen takes about an hour by any beginner handyman with decent tablet using skills. Every mosque has plenty of volunteers. Anybody with decent computer usage skill knows how to complete occasional windows update following the instructions on screen. You really don’t need to pay us to do something you can do it for free.
  • What are the hardware requirements
    • Masjid Solutions ships all hardware to you. Package includes Tablet, Security Wall Mount and Credit Card Swiper. You will need a handheld drill to install the Donation Kiosk on a wall/area accessible to folks at the mosque.
  • What are per transaction fees on credit card charges?
    • We have a negotiated rate with our Credit Card Processor. The fee is 2.2% + 29 cents for each transaction for all mosques. This is the lowest in the industry. Masjid Solutions does NOT charge any per-transaction fees to the mosque. We also do NOT get anything paid from our credit card processor. Our mission is to provide latest technologies to mosque for affordable cost.
  • What are the monthly fees?
    • Our monthly fees are based on products/services you choose. There is no long-term commitment on your part. You are free to cancel anytime. Just let us know and we will stop billing you. No questions asked. We do provide you with affordable hardware that usually gets paid-for by one or two donations at the mosque. We will NOT be able to accept any returns on hardware 30 days after they are received by you.
  • What is your return policy?
    • Our competitor charges $1000 for 1 kiosk. They also charge $250/month for a bundled service that you would hardly use. Our hardware is modern, lightweight and costs less than half of what they charge. We do not have extensive support staff to handle returns and refunds. We will NOT accept any hardware returns 30 days after you receive them.

Islamic Life Center Uses Text2give

AL Salam has embarked on an epic journey to build their permanent home, Islamic Life Center. They recently achieved zoning approval on their land and they are ready break the ground next spring. Groups have been formed, fundraisers are scheduled, and tools are in place to open the doors and windows for all folks to give.


AL Salam is excited about their newest tool to raise money for the ILC.

The Al Salam congregation is a diverse group. They have been holding prayers in rented small office space south of 96th Street. Members include ex-patriots from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and their American-born children, as well as converts to the faith. Members are drawn mostly from Carmel, Westfield and Zionsville area.

Congregation has struggled for years to find land in Carmel available for sale for their mosque. With the zoning approval, leadership is finally able to move forward with exciting part of building a mosque: that is building a mosque. Technology is a part of raising healthy level of donations from many folks in and around the area.

Contact us for more details. We, Masjid Solutions help mosques reach out to more folks for their fundraising by establishing an online presence and executing targeted digital marketing. Contact us for more details. Call or text us on 317 854 0207 or mail us at

How would we update the prayer times?

You will be getting a secure admin login where you can load up whole month’s or year’s prayer schedule. Once loaded, Kiosk will automatically begin showing your mosques prayer times. Should you need any help, we would be more than happy to help you, InshaAllah.

Islamic Life Center, Indiana

After long legal battles, the path for the Islamic Life Center(ILC) in Indiana is clear. All praise the Almighty! Raising $3m to build the new mosque requires the team to be creative.

Islamic Life Center, Indiana secure donation channel.

ILC has begun by adopting the latest technology from Masjid Solutions. 100% secure payments solutions along with Text-to-pay, SMS and other tools have continued to increase pledges and collections. Affluent community has more positive attitude towards the mosque as they continue to adapt cutting edge technologies.

Here at Masjid Solutions, we are simply ecstatic to help the wonderful team at Islamic Life Center, Indiana.

Al-Salam Foundation Rolls Out Monthly General Fund Campaign

Alhamdulliah! All praises to Allah (SWT).

Al-Salam Foundation is located at Carmel, Indiana a small organization led and managed by a wonderful group of folks. They have been wanting to roll out a campaign asking their patrons to become monthly donors.

Masjid Solutions payment interfaces were quick and easy to deploy. Donation Kiosk helped Al-Slam to put the means and ways for patrons to participate easily. Process allowed folks to easily setup their monthly donations. Creative poster with QR code were placed on the notice board so people can use their mobile phone to simply scan and go to the donation site. Alhamdulillah, responses and participating have been wonderful.

AL Salam Foundation at Carmel Indiana rolls out monthly donation campaign.

By the grace of Allah (SWT), Al-Salam has implemented the easy to use and manage donation kiosk and virtual phone. We continue to receive dua from this wonderful Muslim community here at Carmel, Indiana.

Contact Masjid Solutions to get your donation kiosk now!

AL-ILM Weekend School Adopts Masjid Solutions Tools

Parent appreciate the ability to pay tuition using their credit cards.

Al-Ilm Weekend School is at Indianapolis, Indiana. Nearly 200 students, 400 parents, 50 teachers and volunteers. It is a daunting task for small administrative team to get the community connected and keep them connected.

Al-Ilm needed to easily send texts on weather related school closures during winter. Masjid Solutions Rapid Response Tool lets the approved administrators complete those last minute activities in matter of minutes. Furthermore, they can complete these communications right from their home using their mobile phone.

Al-Ilm improved their tuition collection significantly by adding ability to accept credit cards. They are sending payment reminders to parents all through with links that simply takes the parents to 100% secure pay area.

Here at Masjid Solutions, we are simply ecstatic help the wonderful team at Al-Ilm weekend School, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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