Website Development & Maintenance

The visual style, usability, and accessibility of your website are more essential than ever. Our professionals have extensive expertise in developing feature-rich, digitally transformational, highly secure, and scalable websites to help your organization grow.

Features & Functionalities

features and functionalities

Creating user-friendly, smooth-running, secure, scalable websites and web apps based on your specifications. We efficiently redesign websites and provide full maintenance service.

Architects & Develops

front-end development and design

A modern user interface to increase engagement and conversions. Our web designers meticulously evaluate the user audience. They understand the demands and implement insights into UI design. We design the look and feel of a web application before implementing it using front-end code.
Server-Side Development

back-end development

Our professionals carefully execute the functionality of web applications on the back end. We depend on tested frameworks to ensure quick and high-quality development. Our experienced backend development team will ensure your website’s security and reliability.


We create APIs to connect your web application to internal or external systems and services. The incorporation of an app enables easy data synchronization between platforms.
We also do Web services integration, backend integration, and data integration.

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Request a demo to see the services and products in action, or schedule a call with us to take a tour of the products and obtain hands-on experience with the solutions.
Assist & Maintain

ongoing assistance and maintenance

We make improvements to any website to keep it effective, scalable, and compliant with all of your organization’s needs. We can deploy new functional websites and web apps. It improves workflows.


Revamp Website

Our professionals can transform or redesign any old website of yours into a sparkling new one. They can make any changes according to your needs. We strive to develop any requirements in a modern and user-interactive way.

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Data Migration
Data Transforming

Data Migration

Utilize the data transfer services from Masjid Solutions to quickly and accurately move your data from a source to any target. Whether you’re going from one database to another cloud, we safely transfer databases, websites, servers, etc.



Our knowledge incorporates all key technologies and platforms. We follow developments and emerging technological trends. We adopt a proactive approach to web development, save costs, and anticipate dangers for your project.

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