How to Install the Hardware Device

March 17, 2022

Kiosks are an effective tool for raising more money through donations. With the help of Kiosk, you’ll be able to bring in new donors and educate them on the various ways they can contribute to your cause in a setting that is dependable and risk-free. It is simple to operate, and even simpler to install and configure the hardware.

Below are instructions for installing a device in a wall:
Complete Setup
Safe Distance
Height Perspective
Tools Needed
Lock and Key Enclosure
Lock Stand
Loosen up separate Arm from Base
Base and Arm Separated 
Base Installation
Attach Arm
Unlock and Extend Arms
Lock Tablet Securely 
Tablet Lock Diagonally 
Install Credit Card Swiper Base
Interlocking Velcro
Peel Velcro Sticker 
Attached Velcro to Bottom of Swiper
Attached Velcro to Card Swiper 
Lock Card Swiper onto base
Swiper Sitting Securely on Base 

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