AL-ILM Weekend School Adopts Masjid Solutions Tools

Al-Ilm weekend school
Parent appreciate the ability to pay tuition using their credit cards.

Al-Ilm Weekend School is at Indianapolis, Indiana. Nearly 200 students, 400 parents, 50 teachers and volunteers. It is a daunting task for small administrative team to get the community connected and keep them connected.

Al-Ilm needed to easily send texts on weather related school closures during winter. Masjid Solutions Rapid Response Tool lets the approved administrators complete those last minute activities in matter of minutes. Furthermore, they can complete these communications right from their home using their mobile phone.

Al-Ilm improved their tuition collection significantly by adding ability to accept credit cards. They are sending payment reminders to parents all through with links that simply takes the parents to 100% secure pay area.

Here at Masjid Solutions, we are simply ecstatic help the wonderful team at Al-Ilm weekend School, Indianapolis, Indiana.