Donation KIOSK for Mosque

Quick and Easy Donations: Introducing Our Donation Kiosk

Why Choose The Ultimate kiosk

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with clear instructions.
  • Large, easily readable fonts and buttons.

Multiple Payment Options

Accept a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay), and cash.

Customizable Donation Amounts

Allow users to choose from preset donation amounts or enter a custom amount.

Receipt Options

Provide the option for users to receive an email receipt for their donation.

Security Measures

  • Implement secure payment processing and encryption to protect user data.
  • Regularly update security protocols to stay ahead of potential threats.

Contactless Donations

QR codes for contactless donations.

Custom Branding

Enable organizations to customize the kiosk interface to match their branding.

Donor Information Collection

Collect donor information for future communications, newsletters, or event invitations (ensure compliance with privacy regulations).

Remote Monitoring and Management

Implement a system that allows remote monitoring and management of multiple kiosks, making it easier to address issues and track performance.

Offline Mode (coming soon)

Offline mode that allows the kiosk to continue accepting donations even when there is a temporary loss of internet connectivity.

Analytics and Reporting

Provide detailed analytics on donation trends, peak times, and popular causes, enabling organizations to make informed decisions.

Make giving easy for your donors

See Our Donation Kiosk in Action: Making Giving Easy


Masjid Solutions ships all hardware to you. Package includes Tablet, Security Wall Mount and WisePOS E card reader. You will need a handheld drill to install the Donation Kiosk on a wall/area accessible to folks at the mosque.

No, you don’t have to be an expert. Every mosque we work with seems to have a handyman who can install the kiosk in less than an hour. Turning on the tablet and setting up the kiosk screen takes general knowledge/skill from anybody who has used a tablet before.

Our monthly fees are based on products/services you choose. There is no long-term commitment on your part. You are free to cancel anytime. Just let us know and we will stop billing you. No questions asked. We do provide you with affordable hardware that usually gets paid-for by one or two donations at the mosque. We will NOT be able to accept any returns on hardware 30 days after they are received by you.

You will be given a secure admin login through which you will be able to load the entire month or year’s prayer schedule. The kiosk will automatically begin showing your mosque’s prayer times once it has been loaded. If you require any help, we would be delighted to assist you, InshaAllah.

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