How to use KIOSK for Donation in Masjid

March 15, 2022

Donate by KIOSK

KIOSK is a feature of computer terminals including hardware and software design. KIOSK is more user friendly, secure to donate, self-service and simplified. Use a KIOSK in your Masjid and increase your fund.


The user module of KIOSK is given below:

1st Step:

AL-Azhar foundation

The first look of KIOSK is more lucrative and shows the prayer time according to the Mosque. Show a DONATE button for the donor. People who want to donate he/she click the DONATE for the next step of donating.

2nd Step:

In the 2nd step here the donor can see some support buttons where the donor can select only one. After the selection donor type manually his/her email address for the donation receipt and then click Next button for the next page.


3rd Step:

Donors, here you have donation recurring options ONE TIME or MONTHLY. You can select any one. Another is the donation amount button and also manual typing. Here you can donate any amount as you choose and if you want to pay the processing fees then click Cover processing fees and then click Next button to proceed.

al-azhar foundation

4th Step:

credit card swipe

Donors can find here a 

SWIPE CARD option where he/she can swipe cards and just donate automatically. 

If the donor clicks Close button, the swipe card pop-up screen vanishes and type cards manually and if clicks the Edit button then go to the previous page.

5th Step:

Here donors can see a pop-up screen before confirmation to donate. Here are Yes or Cancel options. Yes button is for confirming to donate and Cancel is for canceling the donation.

al-azhar payment

Thank you for using KIOSK and being with Masjid Solutions