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Our Event Management eases administrative stress and saves time while managing events and fundraising activities. It is an ideal tool because of its simplicity and versatility. Organize your event with Masjid Solutions within your budget.

Event & Fundraising
Features & Functionalities

features and functionalities

Easy Check in

Easy Check In

Customers can easily check-in for your events by scanning the QR code provided to them, and you can then grant them access to the venue.

Multiple Ticket Category

By adding multiple regular ticket categories, you may choose the day, hour, and number of tickets for the beginning and end of each category

Custom Event

Create a customized event that suits your needs. You can develop a special feature for each event at the user or event level. and manage multiple events at a time.



With the help of real-time data, our system gives admin users a complete dashboard where they can keep track of all the information, which is more beneficial for event organizers.


The POS system calculates all transactions, including taxes. You can quickly see from POS reports how much money you're collecting or how many transactions there are.

Event Agenda

Simply by filling in the few required fields for the event's title, date, time, and venue, you can generate multiple schedules for the event that you are planning.

Sponsor Management

Masjid Solutions makes a special part for sponsor management under several event categories where they can sign up quickly.

Extensive Reports

An event management solution must always include reports, and Masjid Solutions gives you access to a wide range of reports on events, tickets, and attendees.

Landing Page

Landing Page

A web page including a registration page, ticket sales, and a payment method can be found.

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Why choose our event management




Email Marketing

Email marketing allows for marketing campaigns to be sent to all attendees at once, which is useful for events. As part of the services we offer, we will assist you in the establishment of email marketing campaigns that will simultaneously communicate with thousands of individuals.


Social Media Marketing

We will make some recommendations for a strategy, and then we will execute that strategy for your social media platform. There are several distinct categories of campaigns that we run on various social platforms. The categories can be modified according to the level of your event.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting allows users to access applications and websites through the use of cloud resources. When you make the purchase of our Events system, cloud hosting will automatically be made available to you. This cloud hosting service is included in all of our packages.

Pricing Plan
The Cost is 75¢ Per Ticket

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Request a demo to see the services and products in action, or schedule a call with us to take a tour of the products and obtain hands-on experience with the solutions.



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