Website Is Important For Your Mosque


We live in a media-driven era, where we are constantly connected to brands and people via social media and communication apps. However, we are unable to establish contact with our local Mosque. We are not familiar with the founder, the Imam, or the committee members. We simply pray our daily prayers and leave without any engagement or attachment to the Mosque. Surely, we should have a more connection with our mosques. Masjids should have their own website in order to better communicate with their attendees. It is the most effective way to establish an online presence and notify the local community about upcoming religious events, classes, workshops, or other announcements.

When local Muslim families are looking for mosques or Islamic centers in their area, your mosque website can provide them with all the information they require. You can use your mosque website to showcase an enriching environment and attract more Muslims to the Masjid by including location and contact information, as well as services, classes, and events.

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Get a Website for your Mosque in this Ramadan

Ramadan is just few days away. Many people are looking forward to the month of blessings and forgiveness. At this time the worshipers want to be more attached to the mosque than at other times. So a website can help to make it happen. This will keep Muslims informed about any updates to the mosque. A mosque website can help in many ways:

  • A mosque website will help to improve communication with their attendees. A website for your mosque can help you to be familiar with the founder, the Imam or the committee members.
  • An average Muslim can’t keep track of prayer times, so there’s need a website in local mosque for checking prayer time schedule including start time, end time, jamat time. And in Ramadan, sehri time, iftar time, taraweeh, qiamul lail time etc.
  • Don’t let local Muslims wonder where to go to worship. Make it easy through your website.
  • Donation is considered the most important thing in Ramadan. People would like to donate but no one carries cash for bucket collections anymore. It will be more useful if your mosque has a website with a donation feature. If you want to increase online donations, you must have a great donate page on your nonprofit’s website. People are increasingly choosing to donate online, so your donate page can make or break your numbers.
  • Your mosque website can also help members to see upcoming events and plan ahead to attend it.
  • Those who travel to the new places for work and if they need to find a Masjid near the area then the mosque website will help them to reach.
  • You don’t have to wait until Friday/Jummah Khutbah to send an inspiring reminder to Mosque attendees. You can send daily positive and inspiring reminders to people all over the world via your website. Consider the benefits of reaching thousands!
  • Make the donation easy through your website

    Ramadan is one of the best times of year to raise charitable funds because it is the time when we reflect the most on the plight of the less fortunate. This deliberation leads to action, as Muslims around the world pay their Zakat and donate to charitable causes. Allah (swt) rewards us for every donation we make, and many donors are blessed with Sadaqah Jariyah for their positive contribution to communities all over the world. However, donating money is not the only way to receive rewards! Fundraising or donating our time and effort to a cause close to our heart can earn us blessings and rewards. So Masjid Solutions is here to help you to make easy the donation for your donors.


    We, Masjid Solutions will help you to build your mosque website and we will provide many useful tools to help organize and automate your fundraising, event management, daily and emergency communications and more. All the tools will help you to grow your community and expand your online presence. Local worshipers can find out how to study the Qur’an with other community members by visiting your website, or they can sign up for a mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming classes and events. Our developers will try their best to make the process of building websites as easy as possible.

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