Why Does Your Mosque Management Need A Technological Uplift?


Be every hour, be more productive and spend on what’s more important. If you are swamped with tons of paperwork, you are actually draining your energy on the desk, rather than trying to build up a more engaged and motivated community. Masjid Solutions is here to help you do just that. To lessen your burden off the desk and let you build a healthy connected community.

Our service lets, you have a wholesome website to organize your day-to-day works of the mosque and automates the tasks for you to handle with a click or submission away.

If you have found our website, this is the right place to put your trust in. Because you can find several services from under our roof at an extremely reasonable price!

Let us give you a sneak peek at our services

What is  “Masjid Solutions” ?

Masjid Solutions is a wholesome all-in-one Cloud-based Solution Provider for mosques, Sunday schools, and other non-profit organizations, which exists to help minimize work processes, saving you hours of work and expense. We facilitate organizations building up their brands by designing and developing fully functional websites. Moreover, our specialization includes – membership management, communications, event management, donations, pledge management, and other activities. We provide kiosks for safe and trouble-free transactions and virtual phone numbers for companies to handle their business communication without interruption.


Our website has multiple sectors divided for the members and admins to grasp easily such as –


    • The homepage describes your mosque’s general information.
    • Event section for upcoming event creation.
    • The payment process for a charitable donation or membership registration.
    • Database to keep track of all members and pledges and vice versa. 
    • Emails to send out newsletters or simply to communicate with members timely.
    • Member login portal, to let the members log in with their credential


We can create content for all purposes. If you are in need of a website or need to send fundraising emails, contact us to be your  IT solutions vendor. 

Starting from brochures to banners, presentations, etc. we can help with these all by designing them fast.

We help mosques reach out to more folks for their fundraising by establishing social media presence and executing targeted digital marketing.


Above are some basic demonstrations to give you a glimpse of how simply structured software can ease your pressure and help you control your mosque’s management easily.

Our Works:

Screenshot of Al Azhar Foundation
Screenshot of Al Salam Foundation

Tools we provide:

Kiosk management

Collecting donations, keeping track of people’s pledges, or Zakat management everything is made easier by our kiosk management service. This makes not only the tracking easier but also the payment process for the members gets flexible. Because of that more people can be motivated and inspired, to not waste their extra savings and utilize them into helping others.


Virtual phone number

We provide virtual phone numbers so you can make calls in no time and communicate with members easily. 


Easy registration online

Anyone can easily register online for membership through our platform. And within no time he or she can discover your community, to relate and enhance their knowledge about religion and spirituality.


Easy and secure payment gateway

Make donating money hassle free! you can pay from any card without a curve in your forehead, and let your members donate with ease and confidence. We offer a secure safe gateway for all kinds of payment.


Event scheduling and Calendar

Don’t let your community members miss any more events. We help you design your Islamic calendar based on timezone, scheduling can be customized according to your taste. 


Let us design your website and manage your mosque community with ease and affection. Talk to us today at +13178540207, or drop an email at support@masjidsolutions.net