The right fundraising tools for your organization on Ramadan

fundraising tools on ramadan

Ramadan is a wonderful time of year for Muslims all over the world. At that time the mosque authority wants to increase the fundraising process. Masjid Solutions offer a variety of services utilizing the most advanced technology platforms. Here are some fundraising tools on Ramadan for your organizations.

Dedicated Ramadan Fundraising Page:

Having a landing page devoted to your Ramadan fundraising campaign will increase your chances of achieving your fundraising objectives. Your donation page should be simple, interesting, and well-branded. Make a strong call to action to give throughout Ramadan.

Ramadan Contribution Email Campaign:

Ramadan Contribution Email Campaign might be an extremely effective Ramadan fundraising strategy. Potential major donors should not be forgotten during Ramadan fundraising. To tap into the pool of major donors, make sure to prospect well and inform yourself before reaching out. Make your contribution request emails relevant to the Ramadan Campaign.

Arrange Fundraising Gala Event:

A fundraising gala event is a great method to attract new donors and expand your network. Masjid Solutions will help your organization plan and promote your fundraising event, create a beautiful donation page, and sell tickets.

Start Fundraising Today the Perfect Way

Setup Donation Kiosk For Zakat & Sadaqa:

Donation KIOSK helps make community engagement simple. It increases your donation totals and you spend more time helping others. It is simple, clean, intuitive, and reliable, from the home screen to the payment form. It is easy to navigate, which will make it easy to donate.

Organize your Last 10 Days (Lailatul Qadr):

10 Nights, a tool that allows you to automate your donations during the last ten nights of Ramadan. Now that your donations will be made automatically & recurring, you may relax knowing that nobody misses a donation to Lailatul Qadr.

We hope our ideas and insights will help you make a positive impact by raising more funds for your organizational programs and initiatives. Choose our Donation Tools as your donation system.

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