Technological Solutions For Al-ILM Weekend School


AL-ILM Weekend School is a place and time where children learn that Allah loves them so much! The school provides a warm fellowship and an inviting community for the students and their parents. We get together, we learn, we pray, and yes, we play. Al ILM Weekend School offers the environment for learning Islam and knowing Muslims in a diverse and engaging community.

The main purposes of AL-ILM Weekend School are to nourish children with the beautiful knowledge of the Quran and the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Surround children with the AL-ILM community that knows them, cares for them, and continues to be with them. Develop children into good Muslims and wholesome citizens of the world.

Masjid Solutions is very proud to be a partner in the technological development of Al-ILM in this great work. Masjid Solutions worked on establishing a beautiful and responsive website for Al-ILM, which has resulted in the image of AL-ILM Weekend School being mirrored in the online world.

Apart from the Responsive website, the important works that masjid solutions have done for AL-ILM are:

AL-ILM Weekend School Registration Portal

AL-ILM Weekend School Event Registration System

AL-ILM Weekend School Management System

Apart from the aforementioned task, Masjid Solutions has also appropriately represented AL-ILM graphically.

On the occasion of AL-ILM’s 30th anniversary, which was held a few days ago, all the necessary pieces, such as registration system development, content creation, and all graphics for social media marketing, were prepared by Masjid Solutions.

Masjid Solutions is happy to work with an organization like Al IML and will continue to do so in the future.

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