Masjid Solutions: Donation Kiosk

July 19, 2019

Donation kiosk-masjid-solutions

Kiosk is a computer terminal feature that includes both hardware and software design. KIOSK is easier to use, safer to donate to, self-service, and streamlined. Increase your fund by using a KIOSK in your mosque.

Masjid Solutions can assist you with any aspect of your donation kiosk. We addressed all kinds of updates and fixed the Kiosk tab in full-screen mode during setup.

Once every two weeks, an authorized mosque caretaker should restart the kiosk and get the contribution screen up and running in full-screen mode. We also propose that the caretaker inspect the kiosk every day with a short glance, just as they do with other mosque peripherals.

The kiosk then advances to a screen where a user must log in. After the restart, you must log in and get the kiosk up and running for donations.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your internet connection. The Kiosk does not accept donations if the connection is lost. A mosque caretaker should inspect the Kiosk every day, including its configuration and internet connections.

Masjid Solutions is always available to help him with any unwanted difficulties. We’ll get it resolved as soon as possible.

Please Contact Us if you face any issues with Kiosk.

Thank You for staying with us.