Masjid Solutions Developed Technological Solutions For ISNA


ISNA stands for “Islamic Society of North America” and it has been serving the Muslim community for 58 years through its Annual Convention, Conferences, Youth Programs, Interfaith Programs, Chaplaincy Services, Masjid Services, Scholarships, Islamic Horizons Magazine, Matrimonial, Webinars, and other activities.

Masjid Solutions and ISNA have a good relationship together. It has built and developed the ISNA Convention-Bazaar 2022 system for ISNA’s annual convention, from which convention stalls can be booked virtually without any fuss.

Masjid Solutions’ responsible IT Solutions and the Software Development Services team has designed and developed a well-functioned  event registration portal for the 59th Annual ISNA Convention 2022. The team has integrated an easy & secured registration and payment system into the portal. The entire system is secured by SECTIGO and ensures that all information in the database is encrypted.


The data loading speed is quite rapid due to the consistency of the backend section of the ISNA Convention-Bazaar 2022 system designed by masjid solutions, and many customers who wish to finish their booking process may easily book their preferred stall without any trouble or error. The cornerstone of any Masjid Solutions’ software, website, or service is consistency, error-free processing, and a user-friendly interface. As a consequence, people may effortlessly complete their tasks. 

Masjid solutions is here to develop technological solutions for any community. It has provided software, web Application, other IT Solutions, Branding & Marketing, and other services to significant organizations and communities in the United States like ISNA with remarkable success.

It is a great pleasure to work with such a great organization as ISNA and will continue to do so in the future. 

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