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Donation & Pledge Online

The similarities between a pledge and a donation make them susceptible to confusion. But timing is the key distinction between a pledge and a donation. A pledge eventually results in a donation, just not right away.

Donation and pledge management websites mostly have information about the donation, like what the organization is for, why people should donate, what the donation will be used for, etc., so that anyone who visits the site can get a clear image.

The online Donation and pledge management system is a simple place for people to donate online so that your organization can reach more people, get more donations, and get more attention.

To really take advantage of these benefits, though, you need an easy setup process, low costs, flexible features, and a nice look! That leaves Masjid Solutions as the only platform left.

With the help of an innovative platform from Masjid Solutions, you can run almost any kind of online fundraiser. You can also get customizable donation & pledge pages!

The features Masjid Solutions keep on its Pledge & donation management

Pledge Cards

Donors fill out pledge cards to show how much they want to help an organization. On pledge cards, donors are asked for their name, address, phone number, and the amount they want to give. They also give the donor any important information they might need, like what kinds of payments the organization will accept.

A Page for Donation Page

Some online fundraising tools let you get pledges right on the page where people can give money. The benefit of this one is that the information syncs automatically with your fundraising and donor management software, so you don’t have to enter it by hand.

Donation Pledge Form

Donors fill out pledge forms with information about what they plan to give, just like they do with pledge cards. Forms, on the other hand, have a place for payment information so that people can start giving it right away.


Text-to-pledge is similar to text-to-give in that it lets people use their phones to make financial promises to organizations. People like this method because it doesn’t require them to enter data by hand. You can check your donor management system to see if it has any ways to collect pledges online. This will help automate the process.

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