Do’s And Don’ts For Fundraising Emails


Suppose you have an attractive email design with compact content, but is that enough for a fundraising campaign? Know a number of strategies to amp up your donation charts shared  below:

Sort your list before you begin  

Contacts that do not meet the aforementioned criteria may unsubscribe or designate your message as spam when they get it. Your emails are also more likely to end up in spam folders and never reach the intended recipients.

You’ll need a neat email list before starting out your fundraising campaign. Which means –

  • The email address is not faulty and validated.
  • The subscribers are more engaged with clicking on your emails frequently.

In fundraising emails with non profit tags, it’s important to double check consent existence on whether they have explicitly accepted to receive your donation solicitations by email. Otherwise, there might be risks in facing substantial fines, depending on the local data protection regulation.

Personalize your message

In today’s world, personalization is not limited to using the donor’s name only. You have to utilize whatever comes in handy from your contact information, to design your fundraising emails in a way that it seems appealing to individual contacts. For example, gift amounts can be suggested based on the last given donations. 

Another idea is to deliver a slightly changed version of your email to several groups within your contacts using a simple division option. To explain further, you can customize your writing for:

  • Fresh donors and supporters
  • Principle donors who have made considerable donations to your organization 
  • Timely donors 
  • Different characteristics, such as age groups

Build an unavoidable subject line for fundraising emails

First impressions last the longest, so you better make the subject line of your email count, as that’s the first and foremost your subscribers are going to view. It can either be a deal breaker or a game changer for your open rate.

Some tips for subject lines are given here:

  • Limited — Sometimes you are restricted to 60 characters or even less, and it will cut off for the rest of the lines. So, you are required to make your line short.
  • Fascinating — Give your contacts a reason to click open your email, like an intriguing question or a fact with actual data, which may interest your contacts to know more.
  • Prioritize — Use vocabulary like “now”, “urgent” to get your recipients to react soon.

Genuineness  is also a major factor when talking in a nonprofit subject. Though urgency and piquing interest is necessary, it is important to know how not to overdo anything especially about donation requests. Over-selling your campaign may be viewed as hawking and result in turning off the audience.

There is a right time for every mail

Assuming you are all set to sail, only one question remains, what is the best time for sending off your fundraising requests?

You guessed right! your timing can decide whether your emails are being clicked open and making an impact on donations or tossed in the junk. 

The better strategy is to know your audience and send the same email, scheduled differently to check which one brings the most positive responses. Later imply the experiences in future campaigns.

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