IQRA: A School Management System


Today’s schools encounter several obstacles merely to keep up with the daily administration. Results are declared, data is managed, payments are collected, timetables are managed, staff and student attendance are managed, and other comparable duties are performed manually. Manual effort takes a significant amount of time, energy, and resources. The challenges faced by educational institutions in managing the day-to-day running of their schools are immense, and that is why it has become imperative that every school should have a management system. To reduce all time-consuming tasks and make things more effective, there is IQRA (School Management System).

This is a simple software that will help any school save time, increase enrolment, and accomplish its mission. It’s easy to use, and manage and is backed by professional support. 



The admissions modules allow management to establish a procedure and receive applications in person or through automatically generated online enrollment forms.


Provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface to define your course and class structure which enhances advanced capabilities to make your overall operations more efficient and interactive.

Using Flexibility

Using Flexibility

Admins can create various levels of courses, each with its own set of professors, number of seats, payment type, and subject.


A simple interface for quickly tracking attendance for each enrolled student in a class and reports are sent to the parent portal automatically.


Administrators, teachers, and parents may all communicate in a simple and effective manner. It will keep everyone informed about exciting news, events, and announcements.



A complete module that allows teachers to assign and track homework. There are templates to generate, print, and email the student's report cards to the parents.


Progress Report

Customize the information, format, and overall design of your report cards and transcripts. Grades, report cards, skills and standards, transcripts, honor rolls, and more can all be managed in one place.

Superior Support

Support service will be provided for any issues from the user's end and solved right away.


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    Easy Enrollment:

    It has an easy enrollment procedure where students or parents on behalf of any student can enroll online for any particular grade from anywhere. The payment method is secured by SECTIGO. Parents can register and make payments online on behalf of their children without any hassle. Our system is always steady to maintain all sorts of privacy, including sensitive data such as credit card information.

    Students, Parents, and Teachers’ Database:

    The system stores and saves all of the information on students, parents, and teachers. The database is secure, dynamic, and easily manageable. There is also a different portal for parents/students and teachers, where they can access all the information easily.

    Class, attendance, and exams

    It provides a flexible and easy-to-use interface to define your course and class structure, which enhances advanced capabilities to make your overall operations more efficient and interactive. There is also a simple interface for quickly tracking attendance for each enrolled student in a class.

    Easy Communication:

    Students can communicate with teachers whilst preparing for their exams and get their problems resolved. Parents can communicate through the portal regarding their children’s academic progress.


    Easy Installation:

    When a school decides that they are going to make that investment in school management software, then all they need to do is to get it configured and installed and they will have a robust system in a matter of an hour. Once installed, anyone can set up their personalized configurations, unique to the school.


    Study Material Online:

    Teachers can upload study materials at any time, from anywhere. They can also check the students’ performance reports, and their homework and do performance analysis. In the same way, students have access to study materials at all times and can check their class schedules in advance. The online library catalog will allow them to reserve or renew books at any time.


    One-to-One session:

    The system allows parents-teacher, student-teacher one-to-one sessions, which is a progressive way to build good relationships among students, parents, and teachers.


    Not only do teachers benefit, but HR staff workflow efficiency is improved as well. They may simply track the attendance, leave, performance, and salary calculations of other workers. As a consequence, they may be able to devote more time to preserving teacher well-being, improving general staff performance, and making better hiring decisions.

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