IMEFNA Has Adopted Technological Solutions From Masjid Solutions.


An American non-profit organization called the Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America (IMEFNA) is dedicated to helping Muslim students in India who are economically disadvantaged and deserving of a better education. They are confident that education is the only way to raise community social standards, and they concentrate on giving young people the educational advantages they need to participate more actively in India’s intellectual leadership.

We are all aware of the rapid rate of technological advancement. It can be very challenging to stay on top of this. We are also aware that technology is occasionally viewed as a costly component of an organization’s operations with no obvious or predetermined return on the initial investment.

Masjid Solutions‘ technology innovations are adopted by IMEFNA. For them, Masjid Solutions has created a trustworthy website on which IMEFNA may express the goals of their community. In order to develop with it and boost productivity, we must acknowledge that technology is a fact of life in the modern workplace and work even harder to solve the challenges it presents.

Every organization, school, and mosque needs a responsive website and a reliable web application to represent their work and perform tasks for the organization.

Masjid Solutions has been delivering these services successfully from the beginning. It has many talented teams to create and organize technological solutions.

It is a great pleasure to work with such a great organization as IMEFNA and will continue to do so in the future. 

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