Effectively manages schools using our demo

August 08, 2022

School Management

Today’s schools face several administrative challenges just to keep up with the day-to-day operations. Results are proclaimed, data is maintained, payments are collected, schedules are managed, staff and student attendance is monitored, and similar tasks are completed manually. Manual labor requires considerable time, effort, and resources. The difficulties educational institutions confront in managing the day-to-day operations of their schools are so great that it has become essential for every school to have a management system. There is IQRA to decrease all time-consuming chores and increase efficiency (School Management System). It is simple to use and maintain and comes with expert assistance.


It is the dashboard, the place from where you may see everything in a single look. From this page, the Admin may go to any other page they choose.


School Calender:

This is the school calendar, where you can find a listing of all of the class schedules. From this vantage point, everyone is able to see the holidays, lessons, and school activities.

School Calendar

Registration List:

This is the registration site, where you may see a list of everyone who has registered up for the classes on this page.

Registration List

Admin Registration:

This is the registration gateway for admins, where they may register any parents who need to be registered.

Admin Registration

Parent Registration:

This page is for general registration, and any new or current parents are welcome to come here and sign up for their children.

Parent Registration

Teachers, as well as HR personnel, get the benefits of a more efficient workflow. They may simply keep track of other employees’ attendance, leave, performance, and remuneration. As a result, they may be able to spend more time protecting the well-being of teachers, enhancing the performance of the whole workforce, and making better selections for new employees.


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