Boosting Non-Profit Impact: The Key Role of Pledge, Donation and CRM Portals


A Pledge, Donation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) portal is a web-based platform designed specifically for non-profit organizations and charities to manage their fundraising activities and donor relationships. It combines features of a CRM system with those of a donation platform, allowing organizations to manage and track donations, as well as engage with donors and supporters in meaningful ways.


Simple Donor Centered Solution

Track Pledges

Run Campaigns

Fundraising with Custom Donation Pages

User-friendly for PC, Mobile, or Tab

Flexible Payment Method

Donate from Anywhere at Anytime

Touchless Donation


Start Fundraising Today

In the end pledges, donations, and CRM portals are critical tools for non-profit organizations in achieving their fundraising goals. They provide a way to plan, track, and manage fundraising efforts, and build relationships with donors and supporters.

If you are a non-profit organization, consider using these tools to help you reach your fundraising goals and make a greater impact in your community.


We hope our ideas and insights will help you make a positive impact by raising more funds for your organizational programs and initiatives. Choose our Pledge, Donation and CRM Portal as your donation system.

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