Boost Your Donation With A Smart Fundraising Email


When you have the perfect speech for the potential donors, the rest you need is to think as a donor, grasp their perspective and understand what might motivate them to donate to your cause. So what do you think you can do, just in an email to convince them?


Recent years outbreak surge has pushed the already rising online fundraising to a peak. The face off methods and channels to speak have also done their job precisely. Despite being at the top of their game, when it came down to fundraising, email marketing has been proved to be the best. If we take a look at previous years reports, emails regarding donations have shown breakthrough results, based on the responding rates and donor claims, the easy and secure way of clicking and submitting figures inspire them most to give.


As a result, the competition of nonprofit organizations to take notice among so many competitors has become a real challenge. You need to be fully packed and prepared in your emails, so your campaigns may get supporters, especially when you want your supporters to act and take part too. From tips in writing to schemes for elevating your donation, you can get all the strategies here with us. You can get us to design your fundraiser email templates, better content plans, designing, sending, and examples to motivate you too. It’s an everyday job for a fundraiser to fashion an approach that contains appeal for donations, be it face to face or via online. The question is, How can you convert your approach to a fundraising email for a campaign?


Among plethora of plans for the nonprofit email marketing, fundraising campaigns have their own set of do’s and don’ts. Anyone with the target of increasing their donors can feel the heat of switching the content of direct mail appeals into a digital email request, when the mails have to meet the mark.

Direct emails vs. Fundraising emails

Yester years strategies were limited to direct mail requests, while recent days it’s all about what up on online, just to make a point, let’s take a look at the data below which came up on M+R’s benchmark stats:


  • Open rate for a fundraising email made 18%, which is 7% more than 2019.
  • response rates increased by 41%.
  • Nonprofit organizations gathered $78 per 1,000 fundraising emails on average.

Although direct mail and the email have the same target, email sends a more urgent tone than direct mail which urges the donors to respond in an immediate action. This works in the favor for the campaigns that have a limited time frame. It’s significant to know the taste of your audience, what online recipients dig and what they won’t buy. So, you might have to give special attention to details when it comes to email campaigns. You have to try to cut to the chase and at the same time paint the picture beautifully. Recipients should have necessary details and knowledge about where they are putting their money into.


Otherwise pop up ads or lengthy information can disinterest your potential donors and your message can disappear among thousands of emails.


So, how long should you write a fundraising email?


Your fundraising email is required to be synopsized. In Spite of explaining the history of your organisation, you need to talk about the present event and how their donations can have a useful impact.

Some steps to writing an effective fundraising email

Try the ideas below to fit your words in a short email, which you are trying to shoot online. Let’s discuss a template to get the readers to act on your request.


Begin with a customized greeting

Greet your readers with their first name. Contacts should trust you enough to mention their name, you have to develop a good bond with the reader before going with the request. Mentioning their name can catch their eyes and make your message notable from generic emails. Nowadays marketing email tools let you tailor email texts with personal details.

You could go a bit further with the personalization by referencing the contact’s connection to your organization, such as mentioning their previous donation or highlighting how his or her contribution can benefit their community in general. 


Talk about the Topic

Introduce your campaign email by addressing the issue first. Tell the readers the cause for your appeal, what compels you to reach out to them. Is there an emergency? Are there any agenda that is getting overlooked? Catch your reader’s eye from the first go by emphasizing what their involvement can mean.

Don’t beat around the bush—rest your case early. Your email is a fundraising campaign, it’s polite to make it a point from the start,that way your recipients won’t feel like they have been dragged.


 Add a few data

Add some details to support your argument. After knowing what your email is all about and why their part in it is significant, add some information or insights about your issue regarding the fundraising event. So, the readers can have a clear picture where they are putting their money into, and how it can help the cause.


 Remark their importance

It’s important for the readers to acknowledge how their small or big donation can help the particular fundraising event and make a difference. It’s important to let your donors know that every penny counts,that small contribution is also as important as the bigger ones. You can mention how previous donations have made changes to some particular causes.


Conclude with gratitude

Sign off by thanking your supporters. Then finish your text on a personal note like it is from a person rather than from an anonymous organization. A P.S. is a smart way to send off your donation request. Recipients tend to scroll to the end of emails, in which case, you can be sure that you get your key message across.



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