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With the “IQRA” school management system, managing classrooms, exams, and academic progress are now a lot easier and simpler. This school management system makes it simple to manage your classes, from students to subjects to assignments and grades. 

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What specialty Masjid Solutions offering



One individual online grade book is provided for each instructor, and the grade book is customized to your needs.



You can effectively and rapidly produce beautiful transcripts without ever having to be concerned about losing them.



You can quickly create homework/assignments and distribute them to your students.

Report Card

One can completely personalize report cards by choosing own grading standards and report card format.

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Online Assignment Submission

Students can use the system to simply manage their daily workload and submit assignments in accordance with due dates. With a single click, the instructor can give an assignment to various classes in accordance with the subject. For the convenience of students, it has the option to attach any sort of document, including PDF, Word Files, Images, etc.


Administrative Task

It enables schools to manage enrollment, admissions, the academic calendar, attendance, and other things. The greatest school management system is offered by IQRA, which centralizes tiresome school procedures and considerably improves the efficiency of school administration.

administrative task

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Yes, we can activate this service within the system.

Yes. The information of all students is easily accessible anytime and the history of every student is available from their joining.

Yes, all progress records are visible from the parent end from time to time.

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